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Facebook IPO: Can It Beat Google (Infographic)

The rivalry between Google and Facebook has been continuing for years, particularly as Facebook began growing exponentially a few years ago. The difference between the two internet giants was once clear cut, but those lines are now more blurred than ever before as FB moves further into targeted, clickable advertising and Google chases the elusive social media market.

Facebook certainly has the edge when it comes to elements such as time-on-site and social engagement (as Google Plus still struggles to pull in users), but Google has always been top of the pile when it comes to online advertising with their mammoth AdWords and AdSense platforms. In recent years however, Facebook have done everything they can do capture this market, but can they ever catch up to the big G?

The phenomenal WordStream have tried their best to answer this question with the following infographic, entitled ‘Facebook IPO: Can It Beat Google?’


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