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Facebook Boasts 25% Of Internet Page Views

According to a recent set of statistics released by Experian Hitwise, Facebook now account for almost one-quarter of all website page views and 10% of overall internet visits. Google, who will be more concerned than most about Facebook’s increasing domination of internet page views, came in second on the survey, holding around a 7% market share, with their video search engine YouTube holding 3%.

The difference in page views between Facebook and Google isn’t particularly surprising, given that users visit Google to find external websites, as opposed to Facebook, where they’re far more likely to stay and visit numerous pages.

However, this ‘stickiness’ could quickly become a major concern for Google, as numerous page views to a single user is a major benefit when it comes to selling advertising space; a huge income stream for Google. Couple this with Facebook’s potential to provide super-targeted advertising and Google have a major competitor for advertising revenue.

Facebook are attempting to capitalise on their market share advantage, prompting users to make Facebook their homepage. This is a pertinent move by the social media giant and could see their market share increase even more as a result. Whilst this is clearly a move to increase their page views and time spent on their site, Facebook are playing down the strategy, with a spokeperson stating:

We are asking some users if they would like to make Facebook their homepage … this is just a suggestion for people who want to make it easier and faster to get to Facebook.

Meanwhile, Google have attempted to put an end to growing speculation that they will be putting together their own social networking site (rumoured to be called Google Me); stating that rather than building a new site from the ground up, they will be further integrating social media platforms into their pre-existing services.

Twitter also saw a rise in their online market share, announcing that they soon expect to reach 1 billion users globally. The booming social networking site has also announced that they will be integrating a free analytics service into the platform, allowing users to see the popularity of their tweets and a host of other pertinent statistics.


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