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Domain Names – Help & Tips

Choosing the right domain name for your website is extremely important. One mistake you absolutely do not want to make is to name your domain something completely different from what your site is relative to. Sometimes people use names that have absolutely nothing to do with their site or the name of their business. They figure that once you arrive on site then you will see the actual name of the website or the content. That logic is flawed and more often than not will just make people angry. It is like tricking people into finding your site.

So when choosing the right domain name your first tip is to try and get a URL that is directly relative to the site. If the name of your company is Tail Warmers for Aardvarks, then try to get that phraseology as your URL. Or, if you are setting up a personal site try to get your name as the URL. As often happens, you may not be able to get the exact words you are looking for in your URL. Then you have to get a little creative. One thing you can do if you are absolutely intent on getting your name is see if it is available under a different extension other than .co.uk or .com.

Speaking of extensions, when choosing the right domain name you really should try and get a .com because of how common it is. People just automatically type in .com after a domain name. However, there are so many that a lot of URL’s are already taken as aforementioned. But, don’t despair because there are other ways to get a good domain name. For instance why not try an acronym. In the case of Tail Warmers for Aardvarks you could use the domain name TWFA.com. Acronyms are good because they are relative to the site.

The most important tip for choosing the right domain name is to try and pick one that is easy to remember and flows right off the tongue. Also, try to keep it down to less than 15 letters is possible. People’s memories can be fickle and you want your domain name to pop into someone’s mind quickly and easily. With so many domain names to remember these days you want yours to be on the top of someone’s mind for easy recall.

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