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Does Google cause CO2 emissions?

More news and reports have recently emerged that each Google search causes a certain amount of co2 per search. To be exact, it is reported that seven tones of co2 are produced per million searches. Many claims are now adding up that the leading search engine is extremely harmful to the environment.

Google have already responded to these probing claims by saying that each search only generates 0.2g of co2. So, your asking yourself, how can a search engine search create co2 emissions? Well, the simple answer is that gigantic servers from around the world power Google searches and they are un-doubtedly burning plenty of power most of which is meaningless. The original report claiming that Google are burning up the o-zone layer came from Dr Wissner-Gross and it has really put Google under fire. We will just have to wait and see if the search engine giant comes up with something a bit more concrete in terms of greener solutions.


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