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Cookies – Who needs them?

website cookies

Cookies are a key tool in online marketing tactics and are an important element you’ll need to accommodate when building and designing your company’s website. But what are cookies and why do you need them?

Cookies and retargeting

Cookies are closely tied to retargeting. Developers embed code into websites that then drop cookies onto visitors’ web browsers. When that visitor moves on to a different site, an ad from the original site is displayed. This is pretty much how retargeting works.

The first visit conversion rate averages 2% for most sites so it’s vital to find a way of bringing users back. Traditional ads only have a click-through rate of .07% compared with retargeted ads where the rate can be as high as .7%. Cookies make it possible to target those who are most likely to convert.

Retargeting: The numbers

Retargeting is an extremely successful strategy, thanks to cookies. Data suggests that retargeting is the most effective method of driving visitors back to a site and over time can lead to a 147% higher conversion rate when combined with prospecting.

It’s well known that the majority of online shoppers abandon their shopping cart prior to purchase, and without retargeting, only a small percentage of those customers ever return to complete the transaction. With a retargeted ad campaign, however, around a quarter of shoppers return to complete their purchase.

So, it’s obvious; retargeting is a very powerful strategy for driving traffic back to a site to complete a transaction and is one of the most potent weapons in an online marketer’s arsenal.

The future of cookies

There are moves afoot to do away with cookies altogether and perhaps one day they will become a distant memory, but they will surely be replaced by more invasive technologies like linked user accounts and device recognition. Either way, one thing is certain, retargeting is here to stay and it’s very important that your new website recognises and embraces it through the use of cookies.

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