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Control Panel Update

The Host Control Panel is one of the most advanced and fully featured web hosting control panels available. Today we are pleased to announce that we have made a number of updates to the Host Control Panel to make it even more powerful and easier to use.

As well as an updated look and feel you may be interested to know that every new feature we have added to the Host Control Panel was a suggestion from one of our customers. Sending Pixel Internet a suggestion or feedback is easy, simply fill in the feedback forms located on our ‘contact us’ page.

Backup and Restore Update

We know that one of the most popular features in the Host Control Panel is the backup and restore facility, we have updated this so that you can now drill down and backup specific folders or your whole website in one go The restore feature has been moved so it is on the same page as the backup feature.


Autoresponders are another popular feature and we know that a lot of people use these when they go on holiday. You can now disable and enable autoresponders rather than having to delete your existing one and adding a new one.

Email Forwarding

You can now forward one email address to up to 10 other addresses using the email forwarding feature.

MySQL Databases

We have made two major updates to our MySQL Database feature, the first is that you can now backup and restore any of your MySQL Databases from the database management page.

The second update is aimed at advanced MySQL Database users. As standard when a database is created we also create a user who has permission to access that database. We are continuing to do this, however you can now add additional users as well and grant these users specific permissions.


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