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Clearing your browser cache in Internet Explorer

This tutorial shows you how to clear your browser cache in Internet Explorer. This is particularly useful if you have noticed your PC become ‘sluggish’ when browsing the internet – a clear indication that your PC is storing too many files.

This is because the browser cache serves to store a copy of each web page you visit on your PC’s hard drive, it does this to speed up page loading times by not having to download each element every time you visit the page. This feature is very useful, but over time can cause your computer to slow down.

Open Microsoft Internet Explorer, click ‘Tools‘ in the top left corner, then click ‘Internet Options‘.

A window will pop open. First select the ‘Delete Cookies‘ button.

Another little window will pop up. Select ‘OK‘.

Then select ‘Delete Files’.

Another window will pop up, make sure you have ‘Delete all offline content‘ ticked.
Select ‘OK‘.

Then click the ‘OK‘ button near the bottom. This may take a few minutes to complete, so be patient.

Your browser cache has now been cleared. It is good practice at this point to reboot your computer.

If you use a different method or you’re having difficulties following this tutorial, please feel free to add your comments.


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