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Christmas Social Media Campaigns

With Christmas fast approaching the marketing all around us gears up for the big sell. This time of year has long been associated with buying and presents, but as social media becomes more intertwined with attracting your target market and sales, the promotion has moved to this platform. With social media statistics showing massively increased use of social networks (nearly 50%) around the end of the year, presumably as we all stay indoors, it’s not surprising.

Here are some of the more interesting social media campaigns carried out this year:

– 12 Tweets Of Christmas

Carried out by an American golfing company in an homage to the classic Christmas song, they tweeted out exclusive offers to followers with a new gift each day. it has since been copied by several other companies.

– Apple 12 Days Of Christmas

This has now become a regular annual promotion, and a much favoured one. Each year, in the manner of the golf store above, they discount a set of games, apps, books or other goodies each day. This has proved very successful and increased iTunes sales around that time of year by up to 20%.

– T Mobile Seasonal App

In a bid to help seasonal hiring troubles, T Mobile developed an RSS feed based app to put on Facebook pages. As well as notifying potential employees about local jobs they offered part time seasonal work at the last minute. This helped T Mobile stores in the efficiency of a previously tough job and helped more people get a job, all through the medium of social media.

– Gap Project Reindeer

In a slightly obscure but very amusing Christmas campaign, GAP teamed up with AKQA to create reindeer-based offers. They tracked 8 reindeer in live time with GPS, and the feeds were broadcast in various stores. Each reindeer represented a different offer for the day, and various tasks were set to decide who was the winner. These included races, closest to the North pole at a certain time and other silly ideas. Have a look at the herd here


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