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How to choose the right WordPress theme for your business

If you’re setting up a business online for the first time you’ll be desperate to ensure your website makes a great first impression on visitors. For most digital marketing novices, WordPress themes provide a real happy medium in terms of functionality, ease-of-use and a professional finish. However, with so many thousands of themes to choose from, it can be very difficult to pinpoint one that’s absolutely right for you.

With that in mind, we thought it best to offer some words of wisdom to help you pick a WordPress design that befits your brand and its product(s) or service(s):

Simplicity is key

When you’re just starting out and you’re supremely focused on getting the business off the ground, it’s vital not to get too carried away with the ‘bells and whistles’ that some of the more sophisticated WordPress themes can offer. From scrolling banners to unlimited colour swatches, the possibilities are becoming almost endless. But we recommend choosing something clean and simple to both use and edit, saving you significant time and maintaining an acceptable user experience that doesn’t complicate the conversion process.

A responsive design is a must

Fortunately, most WordPress themes are now responsive by default due to the multi-device nature of consumer browsing online. By choosing a responsive theme you can be rest assured that the layout of your website will adjust itself depending on the device used to browse the website. With mobile traffic threatening to overtake desktop traffic in the near future, responsive design is no longer an optional add-on.

Consider themes with page builders

If you’re rather time-strapped and you’re by no means savvy when it comes to editing HTML source code, it’s a good idea to choose a WordPress theme which features a pre-installed page builder, allowing you to create landing pages in What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) format that almost resembles an old school desktop publishing software.

The importance of developer support

Some WordPress developers will offer dedicated support to those who choose to install their themes. This can be extremely valuable for time poor business owners operating on the tightest of budgets, as these developers can quickly solve coding issues that you’d otherwise have to pay a third-party developer good money to fix. Some WordPress developers even provide detailed PDF documentation that can be easily followed if you wish to solve a problem on your own.

Ensure code is SEO friendly

A WordPress theme may look aesthetically pleasing on the surface, but if you look deeper than that and its HTML is poorly coded it can impact severely on your website’s performance in the search engine rankings. The W3C Markup Validator is a very useful tool to help you determine whether a theme generates clean HTML5 code that is easy to crawl by search engine bots.

Streak – Responsive WordPress Theme – Tablet 2 by ZERGE_VIOLATOR licensed under Creative commons 4


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