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Change Magento admin folder name

Those of you who use Magento will know that the admin folder is located at /admin. Because this location is so ‘obvious’, it can invite potential attacks from people wanted to gain access to your administration panel.

Because of this we advise all Magento customers to rename their admin folder to something a little less obvious. Its very easy to do and below I will explain just how to do it.

Renaming Magento Admin Folder

Using your favorite HTML editor open the file app/etc/local.xml

Scroll down to around line 57 and you will see “[CDATA[admin]”

Change ‘admin‘ to the new name you want to use for your admin location. In this exmple I am going to call it hiddenadmin, so it should then look like this:


Now re-upload the file to your server space.

To see the change you will need to clear your Magento cache, to do that go to var/cache/ and delete everything in it.

Your done, good times… :)


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