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Best Retro Inspired Fonts of 2011

As designers we all love fonts, and some more so than others. They can easily be the making or breaking of great graphics, and matter a lot more than you might think. From legibility, display and compatibility on various devices to the style of the font, there is a lot to consider.  With the huge proliferation of designers and material available on the internet today, there is a more baffling choice today then ever before. We’ve picked through and tested a lot of fonts this year, and here are just some of our favourites:

From the excellent ‘League Of Movable Type’ collective (who have some other great offerings like Chunk 5 and Ostrich Sans) comes Weston. It’s retro, yet futuristic somehow, which is the perfect combination for me at the moment. A really lovely font.

–  Pompadour
Although these are only numbers, I really love this set. The beautiful slab serifs are inspired by retro imagery from the 1950s, but look fantastic in all kinds of modern layouts. They’re really stylish and very versatile as well.

–  Ranger
From the stunning collection of the Lost Type co-op comes Ranger, a beautiful bold italic font with subtle little points. It’s apparently inspired by old Colorado sign writing, and designed by Colorado native Evan Huwa.

Again from the Lost Type co-op, Highlands is another font inspired by retro posters; this time from National parks in America. The bold slab serif is very versatile and works really for headlines and posters.

Bebas Neue
The fantastic Dharma Type are the creators of the final entry here, and again have lots of other really great retro fonts, many inspired by advertising and posters of the 40s and 50s. Bebas is a very simple narrow slab serif that echoes woodcut type of the past, and works in a huge range of situations.

Finally, something quite similar to Bebas above, but with some lovely subtle shading to give it a 3D effect. It works just as well in the same situations, and makes really great looking titles and bold headers.


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