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Artist Banksy Directs Opening Sequence For The Simpsons

Street artist Banksy has caused a huge stir online after he directed his own unique version of the The Simspons opening credits. The political activist was invited by producers of the show to come up with his own ideas for the animated sequence preceeding the start of each episode. According to numerous reports, his ideas were so complex and elaborate that many of the show’s animators threatened to walk out.

These reports have since been played down by the production team, with executive producer Al Jean being quoted as jokingly saying:

It’s what you get when you outsource

Bansky already reportedly contributed numerous ideas to the episode (Money BART), with a few of them making it into the final cut of the show.

The opening sequence, which was placed online yesterday (although it is being continually removed from YouTube by Fox’s copyright infringement department), portrays a bleak representation of the reality behind The Simpsons’ machine; taking a dig at Fox in the process.

The animation (which can be seen below) is certainly the darkest opening sequence we’ve come across and, as is usual with most Banksy works, carries a cynical political undertone.

Banksy has made it clear in the past that he’s a fan of the popular animated series, parodying Bart’s initial section of The Simpsons’ opening sequence with one of his works:

The Bristol graffiti artist is one of only a handful of British names to be featured so heavily be The Simpsons, joining the likes of Ricky Gervais, Tony Blair, Mick Jagger and Simon Cowell.


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