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Are You Up To Date On Mobile Security?

Given the incredible rise in popularity of smartphones and tablets all over the world – for example tablet sales are increasing 378% year on year and over 25% of all mobile phones are now smartphones – it’s no major surprise that mobile browsing has risen exponentially in usage. In fact, many are predicting that mobile internet usage will have overtaken desktop internet usage as early as next year (2014).

With this phenomenal increase in mobile browsing comes a heightened risk of mobile viruses, ID theft and sensitive data theft via mobile devices. Whilst that’s a scary prospect, what’s even more worrying is just how under-prepared many people are when it comes to mobile security.

Recent research conducted by knowthenet.org has revealed just how serious this issue is, demonstrating a worrying under-utilisation of mobile security among 16-24 year olds:

  • 43% don’t have mobile security measures in place, with running out-of-date operating systems being one of the most common problems
  • 19% see no reason to protect their mobile devices
  • 31% don’t know how to put protective measures in place on their mobile devices
  • 27% aren’t aware of the need to protect their mobile device
  • 21% have had their smartphones ‘phonejacked’
  • 27% are unable to judge if a smartphone application is secure

So how prepared are you when it comes to mobile security?


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