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Android Overtakes iPhone In Smartphone Battle

After a slow start, the popularity of Google’s open source smartphone OS has skyrocketed to overtake Apple’s iPhone in market share, moving to number three in the overall rankings. They both still trail to RIM’s Blackberry in second and Nokia’s Symbian keeping it’s top spot with a formidable 41%. As the infographic beneath illustrates, some comparisons between market share last year and this are shocking.

Pixel Internet - Android vs iPhone

This drastic increase in popularity has been for several reasons. Whilst Apple has always strictly kept the iPhone OS with Apple products, Google offers theirs to many manufacturers including HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson and Motorola. This in turn means that they have a wider platform to sell their phones and can tap into many customer bases. As well as this, Android phones tend to be cheaper, and Google let you design your own apps with their App Maker.

So, Google’s open source smartphone platform appeals to the anti-apple types, but this freedom can come at a cost. Whilst Apple vet their developers to a high degree to make sure spam and harmful code doesn’t get through to the public, Google’s App Inventor lets anyone put their app on sale. Unsurprisingly, when tested a staggering 20% of all Android apps contained sneaky code giving access to third parties to steal sensitive data.


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