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About Google Slapper: A First-Hand Google Slapper Review

It’s been said a thousand times before, but it is true: if you don’t get traffic to your website or offer, you can’t succeed in Internet Marketing. Looking at it from 50,000 feet, there are two ways to get traffic: you can buy it by running ads, or you can get the search engines to send it to you.

Google Slapper is a great new system for getting the search engines to send traffic to you. With this system, you can get your sites onto the first page of Google for popular keywords, even during major product launches. Jay, the guy who created the Google Slapper system, used these techniques himself to rise from the ranks of Internet Marketing (IM) wanna-be’s who were losing money hand over fist, to become a successful full-time Internet Marketer in less than a year. The techniques Jay teaches in Google Slapper are built around “free traffic,” the kind of traffic you get when the search engines like your sites and articles so much that they rank you ahead of the competition.

You may have heard of other “free traffic” guides, and may even own one or more already. So why should you invest in this one? You should do it because Jay’s is different in two ways. First, because it is new (and frequently updated, as you’ll see in a few minutes), the material will be more useful to you. Things change fast in the online world, and many of the techniques that worked a year ago are sucking wind now. This guide gives you both the cutting edge techniques of today, and the tried-and-true ones that are still effective.

The second thing that makes this guide stand out. It’s Jay’s focus. Most Internet Marketing beginners start small, trying to make money by selling lots of inexpensive products that are proven successes (I know I did). That’s great, but to make real money that way, you need to sell a boatload of stuff, and you’ve gotta do it while competing against every other newbie IM guy on the planet. You can easily make some money using this approach, but it’s really tough to make enough to quit your job this way.

The focus in Google Slapper is on partnering with the IM gurus as they launch their high-end products. Most of the action occurs during the launch of a major product. That’s when there’s the most competition, but also the time that people make the most money. Jay’s genius was in coming up with a way to use free traffic methods to compete against the gurus with their lists and big ad budgets during the big product launches, and still make it onto the first page of Google!

What You Get in Google Slapper

I’m working with the pre-launch version of the product, so what you get may differ slightly, but I can give you the big picture. Google Slapper is a step-by-step guide to partnering with the gurus to make big bucks during product launches using “free traffic” methods.

A major part of this guide is built around ways to find out about and get invited to promote the launches of big-ticket products. There are lots of high-end product launches, and Jay shows you how to find them and grab your share of the cash that flows during them. A nice bonus here is that these methods work well for products that are already on the market as well as for launches, so you can use them to grab a share of the ongoing sales for all sorts of products.

Google Slapper gives you several ebooks that explain the entire system in detail. These are accompanied by videos that present the same information visually. It’s a lot easier to learn stuff and have it stick when you get it in multiple forms like this, so you should have no trouble mastering and applying Jay’s advice.

And remember how I said that Jay frequently updates the information? When you buy Google Slapper, you get a membership where Jay keeps you up to date on the latest tricks and techniques for getting top rankings during the big launches. With the amount of money that’s at stake during these times (I’m working on one launch right now where the affiliate commission is $450 per sale) using the very latest information can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars more in your pocket per launch!

Does It Work?

I’m sure this all sounds wonderful, but I bet you’re wondering if it’s for real. Does this system actually work? Well I’ve only had my hands on the pre-release version of the product for a few days, but I have some very positive results. I decided to apply his techniques to a smaller product launch that happened to be underway when I started writing this review. Firstly, I’ve been moderately successful in this business and know what I’m doing, but I found lots of tips and advice in the guide that I didn’t know.

Even better, when I applied Jay’s advice to my new campaign for this launch within days my website and one of its bookmarks had the #2 and #5 positions on the first page of Google for the product name. And one of my articles about the product had position #8.

So surely the actual product website had the #1 spot, right? Wrong! The #1 spot was held by one of my articles on someone else’s site. As you can see, Google Slapper works for promoting your articles as well as websites, even if your article is posted on someone else’s site. Only a couple of days after starting to use Jay’s techniques, my stuff is in 4 of the top 10 spots for the product name.

In the week since the example above, I worked another launch and am currently sitting at position #1, #2 & #9 for the product name; #2, #5, #8-10 for “product name review;” and #3-5 for “product name bonus.” So clearly, the advice for getting good rankings in the search engines works.

What about partnering with the gurus for big-ticket launches? This is surprisingly easy, and Jay tells you exactly what to do. Today before I sat down to write this I got an email from one of the big boys inviting me to help him launch his next mega product, the one with the $450 commission per sale that I mentioned earlier.

The answer to your question is, “Google Slapper works!” If you want proof, check out the screen capture at the bottom of my Google Slapper Review. It shows the results I described in my first example.

Your opportunity to succeed big in Internet Marketing is finally here. If you’re ready to move into the future you’ve dreamed of, click Google Slapper now!


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