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7 top content creation resources for your website

An aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate website will always be important but the content you place on your website must be of the highest quality. This is because you want people to talk about the articles published and importantly, to share them with others via social media options. Your website represents you and your business so consider this when considering content topics. If you are not creative, it is worth purchasing unique content and having each specifically written for your needs, but if a minimal budget, consider the following tried and tested content creation methods instead.

1. Alltop.com

If you have written many blog posts or articles and are short of fresh, current ideas, try Alltop. It is a wonderful resource filled with ideas for fresh content. It’s searchable by category so makes it easy to navigate and find what you need.

2. Slideshare.net

Not only can you turn your own article content into unique attention-grabbing presentations and publish to Slideshare promoting your website in the process, you can also peruse this site and very quickly find the inspiration for a great many new articles.

3. Scoop.it

This is a really useful tool if you struggle to find curated content to add to your website. Equally, you can use the content listed on the site as a starting point for your own articles or blog content.

4. Reddit

Reddit is a fantastic resource to find out what is happening in the world and there is an abundance of topics. It’s easy to become distracted so always keep in mind just how you can use it to create inspirational ideas.

5. Buzzsumo

This resource helps you to create content that your target audience i.e. those potential customers really need and you just need to enter a keyword so to receive a detailed report.

6. Infogr.am

This resource helps you to utilise the benefits of maps, charts and Infographics, all without any program requirements. Well worth a look.

7. New variations

Instead of writing a traditional style article, create a ‘did you know’ feature or, create a video or podcast. Or, for something quick and easy, prepare a ‘tip of the day’. These suggestions all work really well.

The content you add to your site must have a purpose. What are you trying to say to your potential customers? Always consider your ultimate goals and keep this in mind when searching for ideas. If you want site visitors to talk about your website, choose current and topical ideas and these will be read and circulated readily.

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