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5 top SEO tools to try for free

So you want to launch your website, question is, what are the best ways to make sure that it gets seen? You have heard of ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ (SEO), but it sounds expensive. The good news is that we have rounded up 5 top SEO tools for you to try.

1) Google Analytics [https://www.google.com/analytics/]

Sounds obvious, but if you want to know how effective your SEO is, then it helps to know where you are starting from. This tool will analyse your site’s traffic to target your SEO and marketing efforts. It provides you with keyword insights, so you can see which terms people use to land on your pages. You can also learn how users interact with your site once they find it e.g. links, buttons, right through to checkout.

2) Ubersuggest [https://ubersuggest.io/]

Use this to quickly find new keyword ideas, which you can view as a sortable list or visual word cloud. If you install Ubersuggest’s free KeywordEverywhere [https://keywordseverywhere.com/ubersuggest.html] extension for Chrome and Firefox, then you’ll get data on search volume, cost-per-click (CPC), competition for keywords and the option to ‘bulk’ add all keywords found.

3) Google Pagespeed Insights [https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/]

Having got people to the website, you want them to stay and this will tell you if the amazing graphic on your homepage is slow to the point where users click away. Want to know if your site works just as well via smartphones or tablets? This also gives you tips on improving mobile access, with a user experience score, which grades specifics such as tap targets and font sizes.

4) Moz Local [https://moz.com/local]

Search listings from 15 sources such as Bing, Google and Facebook, will see how your business looks and scores online. Moz shows you a chart for simple fixes on incomplete, inconsistent or even duplicate listings. Easy to fix once you know about them.

5) Quicksprout [https://www.quicksprout.com/]

This little beauty analyses everything from SEO optimisation, keywords, tags, links, speed, social, and even competitors. Now you have all this data, you need to action it!

For more tips, or to save yourself time and stress, get your SEO managed by Pixel Internet today [https://www.pixelinternet.co.uk/search-submission/].

Digital Marketing Pros: Official Google Analytics Academy! by DigitalRalph licensed under Creative commons 4


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