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5 tips to become a successful web designer

Like most freelance professions, web design can be a tricky nut to crack. Here are our five tips to becoming a successful web designer…

1. Communication

Communication is a skill that needs honing. It can make or break a freelance career, and in an industry like web design, which is inherently creative, it is especially important. Ensure you are communicating effectively and clearly with clients and prospects, this will help avoid confusion, mitigate misunderstandings, and guarantee customers are always happy with the service you are providing.

2. Sell yourself

You can’t be backwards about coming forwards as a web designer. Know your worth, be confident in your abilities, and speak up when opportunities present themselves.

3. Proper planning

It’s easy to get carried away with the creative elements of the work, but proper planning is essential to effective design. Research your client’s industry and needs, take the time to pin down exactly what they want and require. Figure out exactly how everything needs to function before you start designing it. Forward planning will save you a lot of time and stress later.

4. Evaluation and feedback

At the end of every job, take stock. What went well? What could have been improved? What was a total disaster? Self-evaluation is essential. You will also need feedback from your clients. Don’t be afraid to ask if they were happy with the work you performed and, if not, what you could have done to improve it. Make note of everything that needs to be avoided in future and the things that can be improved. Make sure you action these notes!

5. Stay up to date

The world of web design is fast-paced and if you’re not careful you will be left behind. Make your continued education and development a priority, ensure you are always bang up to date on the latest technologies and design conventions. You also need to consider those things tangentially related to your work – SEO, social media, advertising methods, and other forms of marketing. If they impact your designs, you need to know about them!

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