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5 SEO tips and plugins to optimise your WordPress website

Optimising your website is one of the most important things you can do to ensure traffic reaches you organically, from search engines like Google.

Thankfully, with WordPress web design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is made easy thanks to a whole host of plugins available to download for free. Check out our 5 top tips for ensuring your website performs in search!

Ensure your WordPress website is fully responsive

Google now ranks websites higher if they have a fully responsive website which is designed for mobile use. If your WordPress website doesn’t look great on mobile and isn’t automatically responsive to a screen’s size, it’s probably a good time to look at hiring a web developer!

Download a WordPress SEO plugin

There are plenty of free plugins for optimising your website and its design, but we recommend Yoast. This plugin allows you to add metadata and gives you a score based on how optimised your pages are – it’s definitely worth downloading.

Upload optimised images

It’s no good having a brilliant website design if you don’t upload the correct sized images. If your page width is 800px, make sure your images are set to the correct size at 100% page width. Nobody wants to have to wait 10 minutes for a page to load because your image file is 20GB!

Interlink – or download a WordPress plugin that does it for you!

One way to improve your rankings in search is to link strong authoritative pages to other pages in your website. You could do this manually, or you could install SEO Smart Links, a free plugin which detects the strongest keywords on your website and interlinks accordingly.

Add title tags and alt text to your images

Though not as important as it once was, you should still be utilising alternative or “alt” text on your images. Alt text was originally there to give readers a description of the image but as web design, SEO and Google’s algorithms have developed, this has become less about images that don’t load and more about rankings. There are various WordPress plugins that can automatically adapt the file name as title tags and alt text, such as SEO Friendly Images.

seo-blocks by Paloma Gómez licensed under Creative commons 5


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