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5 reasons why your business should be blogging regularly

Many people wonder whether blogging is worth the time or effort for their small businesses, but it can be a valuable way of connecting with your customers and gaining crucial exposure for the company.

Here are some of the most important we reasons we think you should start blogging, if you haven’t already:

1. Connect with your customers

If you want to connect more with new and old customers, blogging is the ideal way to do this. Ask questions at the end of the posts, and allow feedback and comments to enable a conversation to flow. By communicating with others, you can build a sense of trust and rapport.

2. Improve your search engine optimisation

Providing new content on a regular basis will dramatically improve your SEO. By ensuring that you use relevant keywords in your online presence and content, your blog and website will be pushed up higher in the search engine ratings.

3. Improve your reputation

By blogging about relevant topics and providing intelligent content, you will gain credibility with others in the industry, as they start to see your business as well established and knowledgeable. This will not only help to improve customer relationships, but your relations with other businesses as well.

4. Connect with others

A post doesn’t need to go viral to reach a lot of people. If the content you are creating is relevant and informative, readers will find it and share it with others. By connecting with a larger audience, your sales and bookings will soon start to increase as well.

5. Build a picture of your audience

By using blog analytics you can easily get a good idea of who is following you and who is interested in what you have to say. This is vital for a business, as any marketing works best when you know your target audience.

6. Blogs are cost-effective

For a relatively small cost, a blog can provide a valuable connection to your customers and others in your industry. A simple design on WordPress and consistent content is all that is really needed to make your blog a success.

If you haven’t already started a blog for your business, have a read through our handy web design resources guides and get started today!

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