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5 Brand New One-Click Installs Available From Pixel Internet

We try and incorporate as many one-click installs into our hosting control panel as possible – allowing our customers to easily integrate the most popular platforms, content management systems and website elements into their site without any prior knowledge of coding or web development.

After hearing some of your suggestions for future one-click installs, we’ve added five brand new integrated platforms into our web hosting control panel. Here’s the complete list:

1. Pixelpost
Pixelpost is a fantastic new website platform aimed at photographers or anyone who wants an online photo gallery. With simple navigation and customisation, lots of free templates and our one-click install, you can have an online gallery up and running in no time at all.

2. Mantis
A great tool for those who need to keep an eye on bugs and glitches in their internal systems, website or software, Mantis offers users high-functionality bug-tracking with a variety of features and a simple, clear user dashboard.

PHP MyFAQ is a excellent integration tool, allowing users to quickly and easily add a FAQ or knowledge base to their website. This scalable open source FAQ software also allows complete customisation, allowing for simple website integration without any knowledge of coding.

4. Text Pattern
Text Pattern is a flexible, elegant and easy-to-use content management system with an extremely active support community. Whilst the majority of people stick to WordPress and other high profile CMS’s, many others are taking advantage of the intuitive dashboard and high level functionality of the growing Text Pattern CMS.

5. PHProjekt
PHProjekt is a high-level project management system designed for creative agencies and freelancers with numerous clients and campaigns to keep track of. Particularly useful if you’ve got a large creative staff who need to collaborate on client projects.


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