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4 WordPress plugins to help you share on social media

As part of your blogging strategy, it’s really important to share your posts on social media. Doing this will mean you: reach out to audiences who don’t read your blog on a regular basis; boost your search engine rankings; build your social following, and even attract new clients!

There are so many plugins for WordPress that it’s hard to know where to start and which one to use. Check out our list below for sharing plugins with some great features:

1. Sumome (https://sumome.com/)

This is more than just a sharing plugin. Add share buttons to your site but also build your newsletter subscribers with customisable pop-ups and integrate with your email marketing service, from Aweber to Infusionsoft. Add the highlighter function so visitors can highlight text on your site and easily share it on Twitter or Facebook.

It’s customisable, mobile-friendly and comes with Google Analytics, content analytics and an awesome heat map, which will tell you the areas on which your site visitors are clicking.

2. Jetpack (https://jetpack.com/)

Jetpack has sharing plugins for the main social media sites and also a print and email function, with the option of showing icons and text, icons only or text only. Choose which services show and which are hidden behind the ‘More’ button. Jetpack comes with security features, an image carousel, infinite scrolling, custom CSS, contact forms and more.

3. DC Simple Share Buttons (https://wordpress.org/plugins/dc-simple-share-buttons/)

It’s great to have all the extra functionality, but if you’re worried about the load time of your site (and you should be as that’s one of the factors Google takes into account when determining site rankings), then you might want a lighter plugin which does the basics to keep your site as speedy as possible.

You can still show the sharing buttons on posts and pages, and customise the ‘like this article’ standard text to say anything you like.

4. Social Warfare (https://warfareplugins.com/)

DC Simple Share Buttons may just be a little too simple, so if you want more features but you don’t want a plugin to slow you down, try Social Warfare.

Customise the tweets that pop up when people click to share your content, so they say exactly what you want them to say, change the look to fit your branding, create shareable quotes within your content so people can ‘click to tweet’, show social proof with how many shares you’ve had, and much more.

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