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4 ways colour psychology affects your website’s visitors

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One of the biggest decisions you will need to make about your new website, before you actually get to work building it, is which colour scheme to go for. When someone lands on your site, you want them to almost immediately understand who you are and what your brand represents, and colour is a vital way to do this. So here are 4 ways in which colour psychology will affect your readers.

1. Use blue to build trust

Research has shown that blue has a calming and relaxing effect, and is a great way to help build trust from those landing on your site. The proof is obvious to see when you look at some of the world’s largest brands. Both Twitter and Facebook use varying shades of blue, Paypal uses blue, and so do a range of high-street banks. Each of these brands has important reasons to build trust, and it’s because they involve you sharing sensitive information. It’s also fair to say they have each been pretty successful in their own industries.

2. Use blue, purple and green for women

Studies into which colours women most prefer show that blue, purple and green are the perfect choices. Research shows they much prefer primary colours that contain tints and tend to avoid more earthy colours. Some of the largest female targeting sites support this, just look at Woman’s Day or Max Factor.

3. Blue, green and black appeal best to men

These colours have been shown to be most popular amongst men and have come to represent manliness. Be sure to avoid brown, purple and orange, as these are far less popular.

4. Green schemes bring you closer to nature

If your site is going to be relevant to products that are to do with nature, creativity and the outdoors, then the colour green is the best way to immediately transfer this message and make people understand what you are about. To cultivate that sense of creativity and spontaneity, many sites use green as a call to action button. Quicksprout is a success story and a fantastic example of a site that utilises green. The idea is to encourage growth within your marketing campaigns and online presence.

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