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4 things to remember when building your WordPress business website

Making sure your business is properly represented online is vital to your digital performance. It isn’t as simple as just throwing together a quick WordPress website and hoping people will visit. You need to develop your website in a way that makes it marketable to your intended audience. With that in mind, here are five things you need to consider when creating your new WordPress website.

Your WordPress theme needs to match your brand

Pick a theme that relates closely to your brand. A theme suited for a restaurant, for instance, isn’t going to be a great choice for an IT company. Look at your options and select one that reflects the type of services that you offer. Consider functionality and appearance when making your decision.

Make sure that your website is user friendly

User experience is everything and making sure your website visitors can easily navigate through your pages is essential to the site’s performance. Make sure you have main landing pages for your main USPs, and use drop-down menus to reveal subpages. Try keeping the layout clean and make content easily accessible, without the need to click through five or six pages.

Regularly update your content

One of the biggest drives for SEO is frequent content updates. So make sure that you are regularly monitoring and updating content. A blog or news page is an excellent way to ensure that your website remains active. Map out what sort of content you need so you have a strategy in place – and make sure your content is riveting. Poor content will only offer poor results.

Create an experience

The most important thing to remember when building your WordPress site is creating an experience, not a website. There are so many add-ons available that can enhance your website to create an immersive experience for the user. Call-to-action buttons, social new feeds, mailing lists… these all add to how users interact with your website, and in turn, with your business.

Following these tips will help you build the perfect business website from WordPress. You don’t have to do it alone – speak to our team at Pixel Internet for more helpful advice.

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