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4 reasons to keep web design simple

When it comes to web design, don’t forget the key mantra: ‘Just because you can do something, it doesn’t mean you should.’

The internet is awash with websites which seemingly want to bombard the senses of anyone brave enough to enter them. Here are a few reasons to keep your website an oasis of calm in a desert of noise.

1. Avoid confusing your visitors

Don’t expect your website to deliver what you need if you make it a chore to find anything. A crisp navigation experience is central to results-driven web design. When it comes to volume, word count inflation is for college students. Ten padded pages are less effective than five hard-working ones. And if you have a preferred call to action, point to it. Don’t expect visitors to pick up the phone if you’ve buried your number in the footer.

2. F-patterns

Repeated eye-tracking studies of web users have shown that we prefer to read left-to-right, then top-to-bottom. It’s empirical evidence to back the age-old idea of getting to the point. If you need to tell your visitors something, do it in the first few sentences. Web users are notoriously impatient, so don’t run the risk of hiding those calls to action in the bottom right corner.

3. Typefaces and colours

Sans serif fonts are much easier to read online, and it’s good practice to find one and stick to it. Arial or Verdana are steady options. You won’t get any brownie points for swirly calligraphy! A similar principle applies to your colour palette. Consider whether your design needs a colour scheme at all, but if you can’t resist, there shouldn’t be more than three different colours on your website. If it distracts from the aim of the site, always question whether it should be there.

4. Images vs loading times

If your page is a scrapbook of jpegs, consider whether the visual benefits outweigh the increased loading times. Fewer more pertinent images always provide a better balance.

With a simpler web design, you can make sure your visitors have a better experience – and you enjoy better results.

Woman laptop by tinafranklindg licensed under Creative commons 4


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