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1960’s Social Media Adverts

Moma Propaganda, an ingenious advertising agency from Brazil, has come up with a series of incredible vintage adverts to demonstrate how social media could have been portrayed in the swinging sixties.

The ad agency produced promotional posters for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Skype as part of their ‘Everything Ages Fast’ campaign for client Maximidia Seminars.

Artwork copyright: Moma Propoganda

We love these posters; they’re extremely well designed, the typography’s beautiful and they’ve got the vintage elements just right. They’re not the first advertising company or designer to transpose the social networking phenomenon into previous decades however.

Designer Stephane Massa-Bidal came up with these fantastic book covers, demonstrating how social media might have been presented had they been popular 60’s books:

Artwork copyright: Stephane Massa-Bidal

These are extremely good examples of how to leverage the social media networks in order to increase traffic to your website. The above examples are extremely good pieces of effective linkbait; linking the most fondly remembered decade of social movements with the current social media phenomenon is a very good idea and makes for some wonderful artwork.


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